#UMassTogether - Providing Student Relief

Make an immediate difference for UMass students facing economic uncertainty. Since spring 2020, $176,353 has been raised and as a result we have been able to provide 238 students with the support they needed.

Student Care & Emergency Response Fund

UMass Amherst’s wonderful community has stood by the university and its students—through good times and bad. The last several years have been no different, and we appreciate all the support for our students as they have navigated particularly challenging times brought on by the pandemic. Anyone wishing to support students who are facing emergency financial situations may do so through the Student Care and Emergency Response Fund (SCERF).

Even when financial aid covers tuition expenses, students are often left to cover the cost of other necessities. Many students work to cover living expenses, but living on a tight budget or encountering unforeseen expenses can threaten their ability to remain in school and graduate. This situation may push students into economically precarious circumstances and many students will be forced to make difficult choices that could derail their student goals of earning a university degree.

SCERF funds will help students cover unexpected expenses associated with:

  • Car repair
  • Medical and basic health needs
  • Childcare
  • Travel/transportation needs
  • Unexpected course materials

Please consider helping UMass students today.

"Having the chance to be helped and supported by programs like this has given me the enthusiasm and motivation to continue my education when everything just seemed difficult and impossible. It has provided me with great relief at hard times. I'm thankful for all the assistance I have obtained, and as a student I can say that it feels awesome to know you have a place to go when you're struggling in your financial life."

-Student Care and Emergency Response Fund recipient.