NEWVEC: New England Regional Center of Excellence i

NEWVEC: New England Regional Center of Excellence in Vector-borne Disease

NEWVEC is one of several regional CDC National Centers of Excellence that specialize in applied research, professional workforce training, and collaboration with stakeholder communities in the national effort to get the upper hand on vector-borne diseases (VBDs). NEWVEC has a comprehensive applied research program to build a robust evidence base for health programming against ticks and mosquitoes across diverse dimensions of the problem. We bring multiple disciplines, rigorous study designs, extensive field work, and attention to public health messaging in our applied research projects.

However, research is not all we do. NEWVEC is also committed to training the next generation of New England public health professionals with expertise in public health entomology, and to bringing the region’s public health professionals and others close to the problem up-to-date with training and techniques shown to be effective. 

If you are involved in any way with tick or mosquito control efforts in New England, NEWVEC’s community of practice is a connecting point for resources, knowledge, workforce training, and collaboration with us on research projects. 

Please consider a tax deductible contribution to the Center. 

How will the funds be used? 

Every dollar goes toward improving our not-for-profit Center at the University of Massachusetts.   Below is a summary of the allocation of your donations that will support our mission.

  • 75% - Research

    • Develop new intervention strategies for mitigating the risk of mosquito- and tick-borne disease (including novel therapies, repellency testing, source reduction, tick control, and anti-tick vaccines)
  • 25% - Outreach curriculum

    • Webinars, conference, and print materials for distribution to towns and agencies in support of their fight against tick-borne disease in their communities.