UMass Amherst Club Sailing

Thank You!

March 16, 2018

Thanks to everyone who has helped so far on our journey to a fleet of boats. Your extremely generous contributions have absolutely not gone unnoticed, and some perks will be coming for many of you as soon as we are able!


With your help, so far we have pulled in over $2,300 just in donations! Thank you!! We will be working hard this semester, between studying and sailing, to continue our fundraising efforts- through our popular Learn To Sail Day for the Amherst community, as well as our first-ever fundraiser at Lit Nightclub in downtown Amherst.


Additionally, we will be participating again in #UMassGives, a 36-hour campaign from April 26-27, where groups all over UMass fundraise as hard as possible! Please mark your calendar 2-3pm on Thu. 4/26, where the group with the most donors will receive a bonus $2,000!! A small donation of just $5 in this hour can help us get the bonus $2,000! The winner is determined by number of donors, not amount donated, so help us spread the word that a few dollars donated during this hour could go a very long way for us.


Again, thank you for your continued support.


Update #1: 10%

January 05, 2018

Happy New Year from UMass Sailing, and thank you to everyone who has donated so far! We have raised almost 10% of our $10,000 goal in just 10 short days- that's $100 a day!


This is a big step towards our goal of finally obtaining our own fleet of boats for the first time in the team's history. It will help team members like our class of 2020 sophomores, pictured below at a freshman race this past spring.


Please help us spread the word! With your help, we can further our unique mission of spreading our sport through the greater UMass Amherst community.


Go team!