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The Wind Energy Center

The Wind Energy Center (WEC) at UMass Amherst is in the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering within the College of Engineering and is also fully involved with the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department. The Center also provides opportunities for collaboration with other departments within the College of Engineering and beyond (including the College of Natural Sciences and the Clean Energy Extension). 

WEC facilitates the coordination of a wide range of wind energy-related activities such as the preparation of grant proposals, collaboration on research projects, authoring publications, sponsoring the Wind Energy Fellows program and holding conferences. 

Our goal over the next 5 years, is to execute a clear path forward for the Wind Energy Center (WEC) to realize its potential for service to its students, the Commonwealth, and the nation in driving innovation in wind energy deployment through research and across disciplines.


The Wind Energy Center at UMass Amherst, the state’s flagship research campus, is the national leader in wind energy education, academic research, and service to government and industry.

We know wind. For 50 years, our campus has been conducting research, education and training in wind energy. We are the country's first academic wind energy research center.

We wrote the book, literally. Our world-renowned educational program includes undergraduate and graduate classes on site and online, and an interdisciplinary PhD program. We even wrote the leading textbook, Wind Energy Explained, found in wind energy graduate education settings worldwide.

Our educational programs are exceptional. Our program is interdisciplinary, educating students in engineering, environmental science and social science to better position the US workforce to be globally competitive in wind energy. 

Our alumni are industry leaders. We've graduated hundreds of alumni who work in wind energy and have helped create the US wind energy industry.

We are leaders in offshore wind. We perform cutting edge research, shape the vision for offshore wind, and educate the next generation of leaders.

We approach our work from multiple perspectives. Many perspectives means better solutions. Our engineers conduct cutting edge research on turbine design and control, offshore systems, grid-integration and structral engineering. Wildlife ecologists, public policy experts, planners, and political scientists address the socioeconomic and environmental impacts of offshore wind.

Our work has impact. Our research has led to technical innovation in the wind energy industry, improved management of environmental species, innovative policies for offshore wind development, and fundamental insight into offshore wind energy systems.

We see the big picture. Our approach to offshore wind is comprehensive - we bring together researchers who understand the technical challenges, environmental implications, socioeconomic impacts and regulatory hurdles of offshore wind development.

All gifts to the Wind Energy Center are deeply appreciated and will be used to:

  • Attract Diverse and Accomplished Students
    • Provide merit-and need-based scholarships/fellowships to a talented and diverse graduate student body
  • Support Faculty and Research
    • Assist 20 faculty and 44 graduate students to continue wind energy research and help break new ground in wind energy research
    • Support ongoing work in more than 20 active grants totaling $7 million since 2020
    • Expand faculty engagement in programming to offer online courses
  • Support our 5 Year Action Plan focus areas to
    • Expand leadership engagement through webinars and conferences with industry and government 
    • Brand and market the Wind Energy Center’s vision 
    • Fundraise and increase access to capital that will foster and incubate Wind Energy Center initiatives

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