HUGE thanks to everyone who donated! This money will make a tremendous difference in allowing us to bring excitement and community to all the new, established, and future card game players gathered around UMass!

Card Game Club Misc. & Convention Funding for Spring 2023

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What We're Doing

    Over the past couple of semesters, the Card Game Club has experienced unprecedented growth, along with the emergence of incredible potential for activities and events that can provide excitement and community to all the card game players of UMass.

    In addition to hosting weekly meetings in which people can gather to simply play games with each other in a nice casual setting, CGC leadership is working hard to cater to players' more competitive sides by organizing more and more tournaments of various sorts. These have become extremely popular during meetings, and are always available to the community at large; whether you're an established player or a newbie who wants to learn more. with more funding, we can buy more equipment for players to borrow and more materials for larger, cooler events!

    Speaking of large, cool events, we're giving new life to a fantastic UMass tradition that petered out a while back: hosting a full-size annual tabletop game convention. It's now called UMass Unplugged, and the pilot event will be held in Spring 2023! Open to UMass students and staff, and to the general public, there will be learn-to-play events, role-playing games, board games, tournaments of all varieties, and lots more! With no established procedures or starter funds available from a previous convention, UMass Unplugged requires quite a lot of work and money to get started, and since the Card Game Club is leading the creation and organization of the convention, we need to pull a lot of weight if UMass Unplugged is going to be as epic as the community deserves!

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