Men's Club Rowing

“A society grows great when men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in” -Greek Proverb

Men's Club Rowing

For over 50 straight years, the Aggies at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst have taken their quest for knowledge to the Connecticut river. These young men and women learn concepts that are absent from the cutting edge curriculum of the University. Through the venerable sport of rowing, athletes come to understand the value of discipline, teamwork, and personal purpose. While a 5 AM wake up seems brutal to most, an aggie is grateful for that early morning opportunity to work with their peers on a common goal, ensuring each stroke is better than the last. 



Along with the physical and mental demands of the sport, the club requires some rowers to take an administrative role to manage a tight budget while allowing the team to be competitive and safe. Through the years, the cost of living and especially rowing has increased in the Hampshire county area, meaning we need to pay our staff more, and we spend more on outsourced labor such as launch repairs. This, along with a constricted budget from the university, means we often need to look beyond our already high dues and the Student Government for revenue.


The team has a myriad of strategies to raise additional funds, including the Rent a Rower program (See for more info), various grant applications, and a yearly raffle fundraiser. While we are mainly self-sustaining, our wonderful alumni network plays a huge role in increasing our speed through funding. In fact, just last year the alumni and parents played a massive role in our dock fundraiser, saving the entire program from an unforeseen disaster by raising over 36 thousand dollars for a removable replacement, pictured below!



Being supported by our alumni strengthens the immense pride rowers have for the program. However, these periodical fundraisers do not accurately reflect the cost of running a top-level club rowing team. Expenses like transportation, housing, ergs, launch engines, trailer maintenance, and top-notch coaching staff stack up beyond what rowers can provide. In fact, we constantly find desperate ways to keep costs low, to the point where our first freshman eight rows a hull older than the crew itself! This is why we strive to maximize every cent that runs through the program, and by switching to a more consistent, subscription-based alumni funding model we can achieve that goal.


We graciously ask that you use this donation page to make a recurring contribution you are comfortable with per month, (Say, $10, less than the cost of a Netflix subscription) and set the frequency to "monthly". We are excited to use this to reconnect to as many alumni as possible, so while a bigger donation would go further, we would appreciate anything to With a more steady income, we can plan for unforeseen setbacks, as well as expand our budget by saving all we can in the Eldridge fund collecting interest which, dare I say, may one day help pay for a new boathouse.


Thanks so much for supporting the mission of UMass Men's Rowing, creating a culture that fosters leadership and hard-working outlooks on life! We hope to see many of you at our spring races in Worcester, Philadelphia, Georgia, and more! We will be updating this page with new content so stay tuned.