Women for UMass Amherst (WFUM)

Women for UMass Amherst

Women helping women—it’s the driving force behind Women for UMass (WFUM). A diverse volunteer network, WFUM members leverage their UMass connections to advance our flagship campus and important causes affecting women around the world.

Our Mission

Women for UMass empowers all UMass Amherst women to achieve their personal, professional, and academic success through learning, leadership, and the strength of our community. 

What does WFUM do with the funding they receive?

WFUM has funded 71 projects, totaling over $342,100 for the past 9 years through their WFUM Grants program. The WFUM Grants program promotes the advancement of campus initiatives focused on access, support, and opportunity for students, especially those that positively impact women and their respective communities.

Please consider supporting WFUM and our next round of grants today!

Read Women Investing in Women to learn more about how one WFUM grant had a positive ripple effect on alumnae Wystan Carswell ’12MS, ’15PhD. 

Some WFUM Past Award Recipients 

To learn more about these initiatives visit here

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Graduate Women in STEM

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UMass Women into Leadership

Women and BIPOC Communities in Local, State, and International Affairs

Women Empowerment & The Hijab

Women in Sports

Women in Theatrical Design

Women of Isenberg Conference