Paperbark Literary Magazine

Help us publish the first post-pandemic issue of Paperbark!

What is Paperbark?


Paperbark is an interdisciplinary literary magazine publishing a variety of media, including short stories, poetry, visual art, science communication, essays, interviews, and more. Founded at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, the magazine is a platform for conversations and art engaging with environmental themes such as climate change, displacement, climate justice, weather, ecology, and more. Paperbark is managed and run by UMass Amherst graduate students and designed by undergraduates. 

Our magazine fell to the wayside during COVID-19, but now with a new team and new funding opportunities, we are seeking to revitalize this project — and need your help! As we solicit and receive creative and scholarly work for Issue 03 of Paperbark, every donation brings us closer being able to send out our magazine to our printer. We will be publishing Paperbark through Marquis, on 100% recycled paper and ethically sourced ink. 

Now more than ever, there is a need to bring scientists together with poets, farmers together with painters, and researchers together with activists so that we may tell the stories that need to be heard. Paperbark is a collaborative, inclusive, and interdisciplinary endeavor. By encouraging a sense of place, based not on county or state, but on a shared desire to connect with our communities, we plant seeds and help them grow.



In a time where climate crisis and political unrest are increasingly relevant, we believe that grassroots efforts like Paperbark embody resilience in the face of chaos. Your contributions will help us to secure longevity for the magazine and allow us to use Paperbark to engage its community in these important discussions.

You are part of that community! We are honored and thankful to be considered for your donation.


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